I Want To Subdivide My Land, What Steps Do I Take?

Subdividing land can be a tricky and time intensive process regardless of where you are from. These first steps were originally created for residents of Perth, Western Australia but are still useful for other countries as well.

First steps before taking on any kind of land subdivision.

1) Begin by learning about the subdivision process. The Department of Planning website or equivalent in your area will have lots of information, plans, policies and applications.

2) Call your local council or a surveyor who will tell you about permits, certification and compliance for your local area. They will establish what’s possible based on the size of your property, zoning laws, proximity to neighbors and so on. They will show you the process, timeline & costs. This information will help you understand whether you have the knowledge, time & capacity to do this part of the project yourself.

3) Your land will need to be surveyed by a registered licensed surveyor to establish new lot boundaries for the creation of separate land titles.

4) Once the application process is done and with all approvals & documents in hand, you can apply for new land titles through a solicitor or settlement agent, which enables you to sell your subdivided lots separately if desired.

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